FULLY AVAILABLE: Migril® (ergotamine, cyclizine, caffeine) tablets

FULLY AVAILABLE:  Migril® (ergotamine, cyclizine, caffeine) tablets (23rd May 2018)

Wockhardt UK are pleased to confirm to concerned patients that Migril® tablets are FULLY AVAILABLE with good stock levels to ensure committed supply. Patients should visit their healthcare professional to discuss treatment options. Pharmacists can order Migril® tablets from the usual wholesalers.

We would like to again apologise for the period that Migril® was not obtainable (and for any inconvenience this may have caused patients) but all such issues have now been resolved and the product is available to prescribe.

Please note no change in formulation has occurred and the tablets are exactly the same as previously available.

If you are a UK Healthcare Professional, please click here to view further product information and to access SmPC.

If you have any further queries please click here to contact us directly.