2019 Charities Icon  

This year Wockhardt UK are proud to announce that we are supporting three local charities…

The National Autistic Society Wrexham Branch

The Wrexham branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS) is a self-funded local branch that is run by volunteers. All the volunteers are either a parent of a child with autism or have personal Experiences of Autism.

The Main areas of difficulty are social communication, social interaction and social   imagination. People with autism also experience over or under sensitivity to sounds, touch, smells, lights or colours.

The RSPB Cymru Branch

“Nature is in desperate trouble. Species numbers have declined dramatically in recent years and it's vital we work together to help their recovery. Our work is diverse and comes in many forms - from species recovery and large-scale conservation, to policy-influencing and inspiring change or action.”

Kim Inspire (Kim4him)

“A ground-breaking project designed specifically for men. We help reduce the barriers to men seeking support through 1-1 mentoring and team based group work.”

“Our men’s recovery programme is designed to empower you to recognise and develop your strengths and abilities. Support you to improve your wellbeing through activity and engagement.”